Blonde Redhead - Golden Light

“Golden Light” is Blonde Redhead’s official music video directed by Virgilio Villoresi and is about a surreal dreamlike love story reminiscent of the Symbolist’ art of dream. The video features the RGB optical illusion, a device that also Mario Bava used in his horror masterpieces. There are not post-production effects and everything is handmade, recreated live. The illusion takes advantage of complementary lights to show a red, blue or green drawing each time, depending of the color of the light projected.


Director // Virgilio Villoresi
Actress // Elizabeth Kinnear
Actor // Virgilio Villoresi
Production // Moviechrome
Producer // Edoardo Mari, Andrea Montanelli, Eleonora Cei
Cinematographer // Michele Brandstetter
Set designer // Bisk, Riccardo Carelli, Federica Locatelli
1st AD // Sebastiano Bianco
2nd AD // Matteo Polo
Light Designer // Amilcare Canali, Gabriele Gregorig
Stylist // Giulia Fauro
Fashion Label // Vivetta
Body Painter // Guido Daniele
MUA // Vanessa Icareg
Illustrator // Graphic Designer, Filippo Morini
Visual Research // Livia Satriano
Gaffer // Gigi Pasquali
Electrician // Valerio Vigo, Enrico Buongiorno
Key Grip // Andrea Mammoliti
Focus Puller // Martina Pignato
Camera Assistant // Patrick Giacomelli
Propman // Matteo Stefan
Art Buyer // Danilo Innocenti
StudioMan // Gabro Innocenti
Set Photographer // Ugo Dalla Porta
Postproducer // Salvatore Murgia
Colorist // Davide Lo Vetro, Proxima

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