Fornasetti's Home

A Stop Motion movie by Virgilio Villoresi.

Late XIX century, Città Studi neighborhood. Milan is still a small center surrounded by countryside. Here is where a typewriter’s merchant chooses to build his family house: a sober and regular parallelepiped. Back then, he was yet to know that few decades later that parallelepiped-house would become a magical box.
In this house his son, Piero Fornasetti, grows up. He loves to play and lose himself inside the labyrinth of corridors and rooms, running up and down the stairs. He spends his afternoons drawing, icking through magazines and collecting image cuttings. He is a very young man when he has the intuition to convert these walls into his extraordinary workshop.
They say that when entering the house today, it feels like embarking on a time machine. Room after room you run into antique furniture, paintings and prints, collections of coloured glass, small sculptures or books with engraved covers. Barnaba, Piero’s son, has embraced this heritage and enhanced it, collecting all the most iconic Fornasetti inspirations.
Behind every door, hides a different world. There is the bedroom where the sky is blue and the wind blows the clouds away, the mirrors room is where prospective multiplies, challenging even the more rational of minds. If you get distracted, you might suddenly nd yourself in Jerusalem…
Barnaba has opened the door of the Fornasetti House to director Virgilio Villoresi,
who told its story in a video using his whimsical stop-motion technique. You peep through the keyhole and the magical box opens. Free from gravity, different objects dance around
to the music, specially composed by Cesare Picco. As in a Surrealist show, butter ies wake up and y away chased by a frightful carpet beater, mirrors tip over and the world seems upside- down, a red feather twirls on the writing desk…
Welcome to the world of imagination.

A Moviechrome Production
Agency: POMO
Directed by Virgilio Villoresi
Music by Cesare Picco
Cinematographer: Antonio Managò
Set designer: Micol De Palma
Editing: Virgilio Villoresi
Post production: Filippo Morini & Katia Rado
Executive Producer: Edoardo Mari & Andrea Montanelli
Line Producer: Sawa Colli
Animators: Anna Ciammitti & Virgilio Villoresi
Camera assistant: Gabriele Gregorig
Gaffer: Giovanni Freri

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